Talent Strategy

Our company insists on the market-oriented, innovation based, quality branded and efficiency developed concept.
Jinbang is in the stage of rapid development. We sincerely invite talents who are diligent, practical and innovative to join us.
Adhering to the aspiration of creating a great cause together, we will join with all the talents who are interested in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry to create an elite team with Jinbang characteristics.
Better serve the majority of users and contribute to economic development, environmental protection and social progress.

Salary Concept

The company adheres to the principle of distribution according to work, efficiency priority, fair and sustainable development, so that employees can share the company's development achievements and give full play to the incentive role of salary to promote the sustainable development of the enterprise.

Salary and Welfare

Implement the salary system centered on the post value and contribution. The employee's salary is composed of fixed salary and performance salary.

Vacation System

According to the relevant national regulations, employees are entitled to paid leave, marriage leave, maternity leave, lactation leave and other rights.

Job Requirements

Post Job Requirements
Technical Engineer 1.Have good moral quality, professional ethics and strong organizational discipline.
2.College degree or above, more than 3 years relevant experience.
3.Master the design and production process of chemical machinery, containers, tanks, etc.
Sales Engineer 1.Bachelor degree or above in chemistry, chemical engineering, English or other related majors.
2.Have relevant work experience in chemical industry, and be able to develop business independently.
3.Have good English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, understand foreign trade business processes and foreign trade correspondence priority.
Foreign Trade Specialist 1.Responsible for developing foreign trade business, expanding overseas markets, developing and maintaining foreign customers, and increasing brand influence in sales areas.
2.According to the sales tasks assigned by the company, timely formulate the sales plan, complete the annual sales tasks, and ensure that the payment is collected in time.
3.Timely understand and collect market information, competitors, new products, customer operations and timely feedback to the department.
Production Supervisor 1.Full control and coordination of personnel management and production activities in the production department.
2.Release production plans and tasks, arrange and control the progress of production operations.
3.Respond to production anomalies time find problems in time, and make reasonable suggestions.
Contact Information
Contact Person: Fei Jinling
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Tel: +86-550-2356181
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